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Our Managing Partner

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Barry Thompson, CRCM, Managing Partner

Mr. Thompson is a retired banker, consultant, writer and nationally- recognized speaker with thirty years of service in the financial institution industry. He is a contributor to Bankers Hotline, Bankersonline.Com, as well as other financial publications. Mr. Thompson also works as a banking “guru” for Bankersonline.Com, answering questions submitted by readers for the site. He has been interviewed by Newsweek, Computer World and other national and regional publications. He has made presentations in Brussels, Belgium to European Bankers on Internal Fraud; at the United Nations on Identity Theft and to Japanese Bankers on Bank Security.

Mr. Thompson’s banking career spanned twenty-two years before he retired to establish his own firm. During his career in banking, he served as an executive vice president for ten years, a senior vice president for five years, a treasurer for thirteen years, a compliance officer for five years, and a security officer for twenty-two years. In these positions he has worked in or managed operations, accounting, investments, mortgage processing, and special assignments; and he has also worked with architects and contractors in remodeling and designing main offices, branches, buildings and facilities. In addition, he has written specifications and negotiated and purchased special insurance coverage such as Financial Position Bonds (Bankers Blanket Bonds) and Directors and Officers Liability Coverages. Barry demonstrated the level of expertise he has acquired through years of service in the financial institution industry when he was named President & CEO of a housing development that was in severe financial distress and he was able to complete its construction and save his financial institution’s investment.

Mr. Thompson has investigated embezzlement cases, identity fraud cases, check kites and almost all possible criminal incidents against financial institutions. During his twenty-two year career as a security officer he has handled over nine-hundred security cases. He has been involved with investigations and prosecutions on the federal, state, and local levels. He has testified before grand juries, county courts, bankruptcy courts, family courts and the New York State Supreme Court.

As a professional speaker, few can match his expertise when it comes to discussing the financial institution industry. His programs are based on actual experiences that allow him to relate to any group of financial professionals, from the teller to the board of directors. He has made presentations on communications, organizational behavior/management, compliance, and security. He appears frequently before financial institutions and conferences such as:

  • America’s Community Bankers
  • Credit Union National Association’s “ Security Institute”

    America’s Community Bankers retained Mr. Thompson to produce the security program for their annual “National Retail Banking, Operations, Technology & Security Management Conference.” In this position he designed the curriculum, wrote the conference manual, employed the speakers, and was in charge of the security track.

    Mr. Thompson has graduated from prestigious schools held by the American Bankers Association and America's Community Bankers . These schools include The National Trust School held at Northwestern University, 1999; the National Compliance School held at The University of Oklahoma, 1997; and the Investment School at Fairfield University , the Center for Financial Studies, 1993. This, along with his "Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager" designation, provides him with a background that very few in the financial services industry can match.