About Arvin Clar

arvin-clar-headshotArvin Clar, CFE

Arvin Clar is a nationally known seminar speaker, as well as college-level instructor, in security, police operations, and economic crime.  He has been a speaker for many organizations, corporations, and trade groups, and has conducted many security evaluations and assessments of financial institutions throughout the United States.  His 35 years of experience in the fields of risk assessment and analysis in the financial services industry and premises security and safety issues includes:  evaluating the level of appropriate safety and security, professional investigation services, violent criminal acts, security survey and analysis, accident investigation, the investigation of fraud and financial crime, and the design of security systems for financial institutions.

Arvin has been published in several national magazines regarding security, fraud, and investigations.  He has authored training programs for bank robbery and identity theft and has been a featured guest on National Public Radio.

Topics of Expertise

  • Elder Fraud: The Baby Boomers’ Nightmare
  • The Four L’s of Physical Security
  • Fraud Schemes
  • Handling Violent Robberies: The Unspoken Nightmare for the Security Officer
  • Internal Fraud: Crime Scene Investigations
  • Preparation, Risk, and Critical Robbery:  Preparation is Protection
  • Preparing Your Case for Law Enforcement
  • The Three P’s of Financial Crime
  • Workplace Violence:  Is It Time to Duck?