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Featured Publications

“CUNA BSA Conference: Attendees try to become ‘smarter than a
money launderer'”
– CUNA News Now, October 2014

“A 21st Century Bank Heist”The Arkansas Banker, June 2014

“Back Office Robbery Training”, July 2013

“When Social Media Attacks”, August 2012

“Getting the Most Out of an ‘Outside’ Trainer”Bankers Hotline, October 2010

“Being Unaware Is More Costly Than You Think”, February 2010

“Jamaican Customer Service”, March 2004

Interviews and Quotes

“Tech + Teamwork = Security” – The Wisconsin Banker, August 2016

“Meet the ‘Fraud Educator'”Oswego County Business, June/July 2014

Bankersonline – August 2013

Independent Mirror – August 2013

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