Community Programs

Community programs are a great way to educate your account-holders and bond them to your institution.  Programs that are timely, interesting, entertaining,  and informative provide the most value to everyone involved.

Our Managing Partner, Barry Thompson, has developed programs specifically for the consumer, presented in layman’s terms, on topics that have a broad appeal, such as:

Identity Fraud

Your customers will learn what pieces of identity information are most important to them.  They will be given a lesson in “Social Engineering,” and how to protect themselves from being a target of confidence scams.  More importantly, your customers will gain an understanding on what to do to protect their financial information.  The programs will also outline steps on how to recover ones identity once it has been compromised.

50 Ways to Lose Your Money

Today’s world is filled with telemarketing schemes, Nigerian frauds, and confidence games.  This one-hour program explains these scams and schemes and offers ways for your customers to protect themselves from unscrupulous fraudsters.

The Far Side of Banking

Banking isn’t as serious as people like to believe!  This presentation takes a look at what happens inside the institution from bank robberies to servicing ATMs.  No trade secrets or operations procedures will be discussed, only actual incidents that lead to the lighter side of banking.

For more information on using our community programs to enhance your public relations, please contact us.