Webinars & Teleconferences

Thompson Consulting Group, LLC offers your association instructors that are knowledgeable in the concepts of long distance education.  We have been making presentations for e-learning programs, webinars, and other forms of online education since 2000 for the financial services industry.

When you use us for webinars, you get more than a subject matter expert.  We constructed our new office facility especially for your webinar telecasts, including:

  • Telephone landlines for a clear voice signal – We don’t rely on cell phone or voice over internet protocol (VOIP) that may compromise bandwidth during presentations.   If, for any reason, our primary line is not crisp and clear, we reconnect with you on a backup line.
  • Two computers operating simultaneously during the broadcast – If one computer goes down for any reason, we switch to the other to move slides as seamlessly as possible.

Our Guarantee To You

If a webinar we produce incurs a technological problem for any reason, we will do whatever necessary to correct the problem.  This includes a complimentary rebroadcast of the entire program for your recording purposes.  Since 2000, we have never had to use our guarantee!

In addition to individual state associations, we have produced webinars or teleconferences for:

  • America’s Community Bankers (now part of the American Bankers Association)
  • BankersOnline
  • Bank Webinar Network
  • Credit Union National Association
  • Credit Union Webinar Network

Contact us today to start planning your next webinar or teleconference.