Consulting Services

Thompson Consulting Group, LLC provides financial institutions with an array of consulting services to help your institution thrive.

Call Center Fraud Review

Call centers have become the communication center for financial institutions.  With remote teller systems being implemented, the teller line may soon disappear for some institutions.  The result of these innovations is that criminals now view the call center as the weakest link to attack financial institutions.  The problem we find is that call centers focused on excellent customer service fall prey to social engineers.  Call center staff may not have been trained to identify a social engineering attack or how to document or report it.  While most institutions look for a technological solution, these solutions will not work if staff can not identify the signature of these attacks.

Our review focuses on how the staff interacts with your account-holders.  We will spend a day listening to how your call center handles account-holder questions or provides services for them.  This will help us to identify any weaknesses at your call center that a social engineer may use to compromise the staff member.  The next step is to provide training for staff on how to mitigate or stop fraud losses.  This can be accomplished on-site for initial training of your staff within two days.  Upon completion of the assignment, a written report is provided that identifies your institution’s strengths and weaknesses along with suggested solutions.  Our goal is to provide solutions that will allow you to maintain your excellent customer service and won’t impact account-holders interaction with your financial institution.

Don’t wait for a six figure loss to become the drive to conduct this important review.

Comprehensive Security Review

This review will determine the present standing of your security department’s procedures, training, and positioning when compared with the industry.  We will determine your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your ability to defend the institution against a liability claim involving premises safety or process design and implementation.

Working with your Security Officer or selected representative, we will educate them as to what we are doing and why.  This can serve as a training program for whomever your select, instructing on procedures to follow in emergencies and reviews of your financial institution.  It will include all areas described in the Physical Security Risk Assessment.

Physical Security Risk Assessment

This review will determine the present standing of your physical security.  We will review selected offices or your entire banking network, evaluating premises security, inspection programs, and basic security problems.

Targeted Reviews and Training

Sometimes the problem doesn’t require a full risk assessment.  Instead, you want to have the expert look at several areas in different departments.  In these situations, we can tailor a program specifically to your needs that can be combined with staff training while we are on-site.

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